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Keith LuBrant

Keith LuBrant is an experienced songwriter/composer that has music featured in thousands of television shows, on networks such as NBC, CBS, ABC, HBO, MTV, and VH1. He’s worked with Philips Lighting on music for their training media, wrote the theme song for the Mattel Hot Wheels Custom Motors commercial campaign and has had music featured in movies.

Music Samples

The following are some various genre examples that I have composed and have been featured in media.



Vocal songs and instrumentals were placed in movies such as Cats and Dogs 3 – Paws Unite and Lizzy Borden Took An Ax

Magazine Article

Honored to be interviewed for Music Connection magazine. You can read the article here

Keith LuBrant Discusses Composing for Television – Music Connection Magazine


I had the pleasure of composing the theme song for Mattel Hot Wheels Custom Motors commercial campaign

Digital Shorts

Robert Haines trusted me to compose the music for his digital short, A Christmas To Remember.


Composer Catalog

Composer Catalog is a music library organizational software tool that I created to help composers keep track of their library.

With advanced metadata tagging, you are able to do complex searches and finally keep track of all aspects of a track (i.e., who wrote it, what publishers are attached, session musicians, band sound-alikes, etc.)

Finally take control of your music catalog!


Free trial to see if it is best for your workflow


Created for both Windows and Mac


If you need music, I know a guy : )

When I get a request from a publisher, music supervisor, filmmaker, or even my Uncle who needs a special track to be played for when he makes his Fantasy Football picks, I will make sure that the target is hit. That the music I create checks all the boxes that are needed.

I have music in hundreds of networks and thousands of shows and there is more to come!

Have a custom project?

Feel free to contact me and we can get your music project going.

Contact Me

If you have any questions or have music needs, please feel free to send me a note and I’ll get back to you. Thanks!

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